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Sixty-eight students in the first year of the Catalan course at the Language Normalisation Centre (CNL) of Barcelona talk about their early experiences, interesting facts and aspects they find surprising about Catalans and the city.


Original Idea: Consortium for Linguistic Normalisation (CPNL) of Barcelona Linguamón, Casa de les Llengües Productions
DVD Production: Minimal Films
Web Production: L’Enfant terrible
Executive Producer: Albert Solé, Enric Calpena
Producer: Philippos Vardakas
Production Manager: Davina Breillet
Production Assistant: Laia Nart
Camera Operator: Patricio Vial
Film Editor: Carlos Raya
Make-up: Laura Zamacois
Production Intern: Marcel Bosch
Graphic Designers: Albert Suriol, Javier Álvarez Bailén, Do not disturb
Chroma Key Technician: Dani López Izquierdo
Music: Steve Royle, Marco Mariotti, Karolos Chapple

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