Wastewater treatment produces approximately 20 kg of solids per person and year. A wastewater treatment plant that serves a population of 100,000 people produces 5.5 tons of dry solids daily, corresponding to 138 m3/day of sludge with a solids content of 4%.

The thermal drying process has developed enormously in recent years as one of the main ways for sludge stabilisation and treatment prior to final recycling.

STC is a leading company in the field of thermal drying and Minimal Films produced a corporate video for it to raise awareness about the sophisticated technology of which it is a pioneer and the tremendous benefits its use brings to society. Recorded in Spain, France and Ireland, the video highlights STC’s work and operations and the various cases in which its technology can be applied.


Director: Philippos Vardakas
Camera: Antonio Bejerano
Production: José Huedo, Cristina López

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