Sex, maracas & chihuahuas webdoc



The webdoc for Sex, Maracas and Chihuahuas. The Incredible Life of Xavier Cugat provides an interactive tour through the prolific life of this versatile musician based on his loves and Caribbean rhythms. Viewers can explore it in three different ways: discovering the sequential periods of his life using musical notes from his personal scores, indicating key years, and exploring each section related to each of his major loves. From his childhood to Rita Montaner and Cuban rhythms, from Carmen Castillo to Lorraine Allen, or his more profound loves (Abbe Lane and Charo Baeza), to his final days, the web documentary invites viewers to embark on an exciting journey across the 20th century through photos, videos, films, drawings, caricatures, anecdotes and, above all, music.


Production year: 2016
Country: Spain
Produced by: Minimal Films
Co-produced by: TVC and TVE


Producer: Albert Solé
Executive Producer: Gemma Rodríguez
TVC Executive Director: Ferran Clavell and Manel Raya
TVC Executive Producer: Muntsa Tarrés
TVE Executive Producer: José Alberto Fernández and Miriam Hernanz
Creative Director, Script, Design, UI/UX and Execution: Labyrinz Storymaking Studio
Coordination, Script and Documentation: Arnau Gifreu
Illustrations: Molstudio
Web Developer and Animation: Sergio Santamaria

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