Right now



Right Now is a storytelling title made for Sanofi.

The project has a strong human element and aims to show how the company operates as viewed through the stories of three of its staff members. Viewers discover what motivates them, their expectations and their life projects beyond that of their daily working lives in the company. Patricia is the fourth component of the story, a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer. The four stories revolve around a common theme: their relationship with the company.

The documentary explains how a disease like cancer is fought from different angles. When the oncologist asks Patricia when she wants to start a new clinical trial, she unhesitatingly replies: Right now. We thought this was a perfect title to sum up what the documentary is all about.

The project intertwines this core story with others that are more everyday, such as preparations for a women’s team football match. Many things happen in a company of this size over the course of a normal day, such as the pedagogical efforts of Javier, an educator for patients suffering from diabetes whose entire day revolves around this disease.

Among the 10 major pharmaceutical companies, Sanofi Spain is the only one with an SGE 21 certification (Ethical and corporate Social Responsibility Management System), created by Forética in 2008, the first European standard that establishes the requirements an organisation must comply with in order to integrate Social Responsibility into its strategy and management.

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